Saturday, July 4, 2009

Atenes: La Pura Vida - Part Dos

I've taken a week off from language classes to spend a couple days with my friend Sara Marcy at her family's house in Atenes, Costa Rica, and then venture up to the volcano in Arenal.

Sara's house is gorgeous - a complete departure from my homestay in Samara. Designed by Sara's mother, it is an open and luxurious retreat that showcases the art that she has picked up on her travels around the world.

A view of the Marcy's house from the pool

The "formal" living room

"My" room

View from the back porch

After a hot shower and arriving at a near-euphoric state after using a hair dryer for the first time in two weeks, we took advantage of all that the property had to offer. This included relaxing by the pool, cooking (well, Sara cooked) in the gourmet kitchen, and a trek to the on-site waterfall.

Me, exploring the "grounds"

Coffee in its natural habitat. Sara explained that the Costa Rican government requires that property owners harvest all coffee on the property because, if left untended, disease could spread to neighboring coffee plants, and cause the country's cash crop to suffer. So the Starbux you're inhaling right now could be from the Marcy grounds!

Coco, ahead of us on the trail to the on-site waterfall


And even though I could have spent our three days together simply wandering the property, Sara was kind enough to arrange a little road trip to Jaco Beach on Tuesday. Jaco itself was lovely - but a beach like many others in Costa Rica. The notable points of our little road trip were stops on our way to/from Jaco. On the way, we stopped to see where the Costa Rican crocodiles hang out.

Who knew that the best. fish. tacos. ever. would be at a place called "bubba's" in Jaco Beach.

On our way back, afternoon cocktails at a resort* high above Jaco, overlooking the ocean.

*Teresa Bernstein just informed that this is resort is Villa Caletas, where she and Bob got married. This is what this blog is all about - connections, awesomeness & making my friends fill in the gaps.


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